Enter the Plague Keep


This is where I intend to spew thoughts about role-playing games and game design. While it can be said that blogs may be antiquated in some regards, I think that there’s a lot of value in how they create a community – even if it’s not a legion of thousands (signal to noise and all that). So, here’s my contribution.

I’ve been playing and running these things for nearly three decades and they still take up too much of my free time and brain space. I’ve played a lot of different systems over the years and I enjoy giving most new systems that come out at least a read through. If they pique my interest I’ll move them to my table or crib ideas for my own games. I feel that there’s a lot of amazing content out there and different systems serve different purposes both tried and true or innovative experiments. I like to explore how these variations and concepts play out. Counted amongst my favorites I’d be pressed to narrow the list to Dungeon Crawl Classics, Gumshoe, Mutant Year Zero, Savage Worlds, D&D (retroclones and 5e), Monster of the Week, Into the Odd… all with their own nuance as to why I gravitate towards them.

Currently I’m running my weekly home campaign through Mutant Year Zero. It’s an excellent system for a campaign and I’m sure I’ll expound upon that in a later post. I also run D&D 5e once a month at a bar as a part of Drinks & Dragons here in Philadelphia as well. Plus some one-shots and shorter campaigns when I can.

I have a number of game design and graphic design projects in the cauldron that I’ll throw up details on the development process as they come along. I love when others do that, so hopefully someone will find value in my musings as well.

With that here’s a teaser of my latest in progress project:


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